Conversations with a cynical bent
I Tumbl’d in, and look what I found!

A different method for setting down my favorite bites of wisdom, some of which carry some serious teeth…many of which are merely ruminations, nearly toothless.

Also a spot for my take on films, books and the general humanities, which may well seem cynical — but are generally optimistic, just the same.

I intend to use this spot for my favorite aphorisms, which I will do my best to attribute properly. Should I err in such attribution, please feel free to (politely) correct me, preferably with a source I can read for myself.

I begin with the following, quoted in honor of my lovely child-bride, who is now 49 years young; her last year of freedom on Earth, or so she claims.

"Any man who says he understands women is a fool, a liar, or both."
—Greg Howard <1992>

My wife’s claim is based on what she calls a fact: In our society, women over the age of fifty are prisoners of perception; one that says they are no longer sexy, and therefore no longer useful. (Please disregard intelligence, learned experience, empathy or a finely honed sense of humor; that’s all a waste of breathing space) Both men and women contribute to this perception, each from their own perspective, and each with their own inimitable style.

I won’t argue with such an obviously informed conclusion, nor will I deny that she is correct, but I still say “Hooey!”

As far as I am concerned, women who have survived to reach 50 years while still maintaining some semblance of mental health have a quality that is precious and rare: They have figured out men well enough to last 1/2 century without going crazy-ass insane, which, if you stop and think about it, is nigh-on impossible. This is exactly why I love them. They put up with more shit than we men have any right to expect, which is why I just wanna say: “God bless ‘em!”

I am not alone amongst men. There really are those of us who appreciate women of distinction and flair, regardless of what the calendar implies. If you’re as smart and thoughtful as my wife, you’ll find us.

I still won’t claim to understand you, though.

Till next time…